At Bharat Photos we undertake a range of photography jobs which include the following;
  • Tradition Weddings for all religions
  • Civil Weddings
  • Engagement
  • Receptions
  • Pre Wedding Shoots
  • Corporate Events
  • Studio Portraits
From the various jobs offered we understand that every client we see is different. What you want from your photographer will never be the same as the one who'll come see us before and after you. This is why our policy is not to set out a package and rather sit down with you and discuss exactly what you want and we can show you the extensive work that we do so you can choose exactly what you want. Whatever your budget maybe we can personalise a package just for you.
To have more of an idea of all that we have to offer browse through have a look through the services section and see everything we can offer.
If you'd you like to book an appointment for your wedding or other functions or photography shoot contact me via our contact page or feel free to all us at any time.
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